Game For Fame

No talent required!

  • 4-16 Players
  • Ages 10+
  • 60 min game
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Avoid Rehab! Dodge taxes! Backstab your nearest and dearest! Game For Fame the board game both mocks and celebrates all things celebrity as you claw your way to the dizzying heights of fame and fortune.

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Game For Fame Expansion Pack

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Game For Fame

The UK's Top Selling Party Game

Since 2015, Game For Fame has been one of Amazon UK’s most popular board games over the Christmas period. Why? Because it’s hilarious! Just check our reviews.

Game For Fame


Talk with your tongue. Gargle a soundtrack. Just like the real world of showbiz: you don’t need any talent to win!

Game For Fame


4-16 players makes it perfect for groups big and small.

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