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Technically you could play without teams, but a lot of the cards require cooperation. And even though you are grouped on teams, it is an individual who wins the game. ...whoever has accumulated the most money.
But, it is also fun to ignore the game and just go through the cards as a group. The game is truly hilarious!

We recommend that the cards come in an exact order to keep the gameplay as varied as possible. If they are shuffled it's not a big deal, however you might get two similar games in a row. So for maximum enjoyment we have them in an exact order. Hope that answered your question and please do let us know if you have any more.

Yes! You would simply have one team of two players and another team of 3 players. In the game you have a chance to swap team members and move teams so it shouldn't feel unfair. Hope you enjoy playing.

Yes! - See Game for Fame Expansion Pack for more information

Yes, Game for Fame a really funny game, a good mix of questions and not too hard, it is very interactive, play with friends and you'll be crying with laughter!